Services Include


We handle all types of clothing alterations for both Ladies & Gentlemen, from the most straight forward to the exceptional, complicated and intricate. This may include:

  • Trousers & Skirts: shorten, lengthen, reduce size, extensions, zip replacement
  • Denim Jeans: original finish, reduce size etc.
  • Dresses: shorten, reduce size or extend where possible
  • Suits Jackets & Coats: sleeves shorten/lengthen, reduce size and remodel, shorten bodice
  • Leather: subject to the thickness of the leather, alterations are welcome
  • Bridal & Bridesmaids / Special Occasions: shorten, reduce size, customize
  • Curtains: alterations

All completed to the highest standard with maximum care & attention and original finishing.

Bespoke & Custom Made

Sadly, our skill & profession is slowly fading away. So we are extremely proud of the service we are able to provide. The design process involved when producing bespoke garments is as follows:

  • Firstly, we gather as much information about our clients as possible in a one to one consultation.
  • Secondly, following our conversation in a second meeting, we will show you some sketches of possible designs.
  • Then, once a style & design has been picked, we will take measurements and create the custom-made pattern.
  • At the first fitting we will use a toile (sample fabric) which allows adjustments to be made
  • Finally there will be a fitting with the chosen fabric.

This is a detailed & sophisticated process and because we make our own patterns, we can construct any type of garment.

Every bespoke garment we produce is a project we embark on with our customers in complete cooperation. It’s a captivating journey and we want to involve you every step of the way.

Everybody deserves to feel pampered and you deserve to own a made to measure garment, Your clothes the way they should be, perfectly tailored & unique to you.

Restyling & Revitalising

Why part with your favourite piece of clothing just because it’s dated?

 We can help you keep the clothes you love, longer. Bertoldi’s designers are on hand to discuss the potential for your garment during one to one consultations. We will advise you before updating the clothing and making it wearable again.

Popular services include:

  • Customization: e.g. adding detail or drastically reducing the length.
  • Transformation of your bridesmaid dress into a cocktail dress, a long dress into a top or a skirt, a jacket into a waistcoat, a pair of jeans into a will be amazed what can be done.
  • Restoration: We can refresh your coat or suit by replacing the lining if it is a little worn.